VM-5500 Population Seed and Flow Monitor 1-16 Rows

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  • 7" Color Touchscreen
  • Row Sensor Monitoring
  • Bar Graphs plus Dashboard view
  • Supports Visu-Flo™ Technology
  • Supports RPM, VAC, and Hopper Level Sensors
  • English/Metric Options
  • Alarm Logging
  • Shows acres and acres/hour
  • Parts included:
  • RAM® 1.5" Ball Mount
  • Battery Lead Power Cable
  • Implement Harness

A 1-16 row version of our popular full population monitor.  All the features of the 1-32 row VM-5600 monitor.  Monitor your seed and flow at the same time on the same screen!  No more floating ball to watch plus you know the applied rate as well.  This console will monitor up to 16 seed sensors or 16 flow meters or cover up to an 8 row planter with both.