VM-5800 Population Seed and Flow Monitor

In stock
  • 7" Color Touchscreen
  • Row Sensor Monitoring
  • Bar Graphs plus Dashboard View
  • Supports Visu-Flo™ Technology
  • Optional built-in GPS for Speed
  • Adjustable Accumulating Time
  • Supports RPM, VAC, and Hopper Level Sensors
  • English/Metric Option
  • Alarm Logging
  • Show acres and acres/hour
  • Parts Included:
  • RAM® 1.5" Ball Mount
  • Battery Lead Power Cable
  • Implement Harness

The VM-5800 system combines the 7" color touchscreen monitor with a CAN Bus network of modules on the implement for maximum flexibility.  The basic starter system includes the console, two 5800-32 modules each capable of up to 32 inputs, all harness and installation instructions.  To expand the system we offer and expancion kit that includes a modules and harness.  The system does not include any sensor harness.  Our standard row harnesses as well as OEM harnesses plug into the 5800 system.

The VM-5800 is a natural for Air Drill and Air seeders.  Design your system using the VM-5800 and modules.  We can supply custom harnessing to fit your rig.